• All In One Interactive Whiteboard
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4K UHD Display Resolution

3 Sizes Offered 65,75, and 86 Inches Display

High Contrast Ratio Display

High Brightness Display (Useful Use for Bright Room area)

Digital Whiteboard function and Annotation System

Interactive Remote display system Using Android Tablet or IOS Platform

High Brightness Display (Useful Use for Bright Room area)

Video Conference Camera and AEC Microphone System Empowered by Logitech

Video conference Solution empowered with ZOOM Videoconference Full License


Is TIPI latest technology that is able to write in real-time without delay, realistic like feeling writing in conventional media, and able to write up to 20 writes and touches simultaneously. Feel the ease of writing in real-time and realistically.

Multi-OS + Multi-Module

Built-in 2nd high-performance Android module. Pluggable PC module On Windows 10 Professional is selectable and detachable Wi-Fi module. Whiteboard and multimedia playback could be realized in any system.


TIPI is using a frame that is wrapped with aluminum rigi frame that has the ability of durability and construction that is sturdy and strong, and with an elegant design that produces premium products, which are available in the TIPI Interactive Flat Panel more than ordinary aluminum.

ZAAS Power Glass

ZAAS tempered glass 4mm Mohs level 7: anti-scratch TIPI is coated with a strong coating, and protects the screen from scratches and collisions while providing a comfortable sense of touch such as touching directly on the screen with a quick touch sensitivity.

Fully Compatible with Chromebook and Mac Computer

Power Lock and Screen on Can Be Set with Password

Energy Saving Mode to Save energy

Making Micro lecture

This The function applies to the recording of teaching materials. Teachers can make a screen recording, edit and prepare lessons in an easy and efficient way.

TIPI Wireless Presentation System

TIPI is equipped with wireless presentation technology that is capable of displaying 4 devices (Laptop, MacBook, Android Phone, iPhone, etc.) simultaneously. The wireless display results can be annotated digitally and can be saved in the form of a file so that they can be shared and uploaded to the system. With the ability to display 4 views simultaneously, the presenter/instructor can easily compare data without the compatibility of cables or suitable devices.