• All In One Interactive Whiteboard
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    Using Dual Operating Systems

TIPI is the first Digital Interactive Panel Design in Indonesia that fulfill your business and education needs.

Let me introduce you
Our Products Digital Interactive Flat Panel which is designed in Indonesia that turns conventional whiteboards into LED Interactive Flat Panel that can collaborate and be implemented in the world of Business and Education .

The features we offer are that our products are available in various sizes ranging from 65 inch to 98 inch, and all 4K UHD resolution. Our layer has the capability of 10-20 Touch simultaneously, and our Board is strengthened by 2 OS namely MS Windows 10 Pro and Android. because we have included the PC Module in our IFP OPS which is strengthened by the latest Intel i7 and i5 Proccessor

The function can be used as a Meeting or Class Digital Whiteboarding which results can be directly in the email or direct printing, Video Conference, Multi-Platform Wireless Screen Share, Micro Lecturing, Meeting recording.