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TIPI is the first Digital Interactive Panel Design in Indonesia that fulfill your business and education needs.

PT. Bagus Bagus Aja is a company which is engaged in manufacturing digital interactive flat panels Design in Indonesia and Branded on Indonesian Product, This product Was named TIPI IFP, where the function of our equipment is to replace conventional whiteboards into a digital platform that is very dynamic.

TIPI ( Televisi Interaktif Pintar Indonesia ) Is a breakthrough new interactive flat screen panel that is present to be able to facilitate you in carrying out all your studies and business activities. With a strong, elegant, concise, easy appearance, and most importantly, smart, what you want all in TIPI, TIPI is equipped with Dual Operating System (OS), namely Windows and Android simultaneously.

We have 3 product line ups that can meet all your needs, namely:

TIPI +9200 Business Series

This type of TIPI is our flagship premium product, which completeness of this type almost meets all your needs for the use of Interactive flat panel, in addition to having very high specifications which are can support Heavy software like Adobe Family ( Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and Etc), Autocad, 3D Sketchup, 3D Max Studio and many more, this TIPI is equipped with a very powerful pre-software to support your needs. Such as: High-End Meeting Room, Huddle Room, High end Classroom, Medical, Command Center, Control Room, Video Connection Room and Many More.

TIPI +9400 IDEA Series

This type has the basic specifications needed in the business world of meeting rooms and school classrooms, this type is also equipped with a built-in camera and microphone, but this camera has very basic functions. This TIPI also has a PC module inside, but using standard specifications used in offices.

TIPI +9500 Indonesia Pintar

This type is specifically designed for the world of Education, this type also has functions that are not much different from other types, but many functions that do not need to exist in the needs of education we do not provide. Like cameras, business software, therefore this type is preferred for the use of the Education.

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